Eva Longoria Reveals Her Secret

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  • “I cannot recommend this treatment more highly. Fotini totally repaired my sun-damaged skin. My fine lines are gone and the parentheses around my mouth are far less pronounced. My skin is glowing and even; I don’t even need foundation anymore! I’ve sent all my girlfriends for this treatment because it really works. Plus Fotini has amazing positive energy and it’s a joy to spend time with her in her beautiful, restful space.”–Jasmine C., Vancouver

  • “The Sapphire 3 at Vancouver Cold Laser is better than any facial I've ever had -- a jewel of a treatment that befits its name. I've seen my skin glow and be more even toned. I've seen the dark circles under my eyes diminish, allowing me to leave a treatment with eyes that sparkle and actually look well rested. In addition, the ambiance of the clinic is inviting and relaxing. Just an all round lovely experience.” –Danielle K., Vancouver

  • “I walked out of there looking like I was 18! (I’m 30).” –Jessica B., Vancouver